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Choosing the best web development partner is crucial to building a successful digital product. The right partner can apply the best tech solutions to build a secure, stable app that delivers an exceptional user experience.

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Become a digital stand-out with the best web development solutions

The role of a web development company is to seek solutions to match each client’s unique business goals. With the correctly applied web development services, you’ll be able to build a successful product from scratch or increase the performance of an existing one, adjusting in real time to the changing needs of your users and market.

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Optimize, integrate or audit
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Which technologies and services will bring the
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Web development facilitates solving problems and responding to users' needs
through applying multiple technologies. Make your brand stand out with
right solutions adjusted to your unique needs.


A powerful technology used by multi-billion-dollar corporations as well as startups.


An excellent choice for building scalable and performant apps.

Ruby on Rails

Perfect for fast prototyping and efficient development of full web-based projects.

Frontend development solutions

Frameworks and battle-tested techniques that enable to creation a beautiful and user-friendly product.

Take advantage of proven processes and make your project a success

A good technology partner is able to take care of even the most complex of processes and will guide you flawlessly towards your goal.

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We help clients stand out in the digital market, building successful products from scratch. We have 25 experts in UI/UX, software development, illustration, quality assurance & business analysis.

User-friendly platform for financial services

Supporting sales of pension plans with a web platform that delivers excellent usability.

Governments worldwide are adapting to aging populations with pension reforms. The Polish government recently introduced the PPK bill, a long-term initiative which creates an opportunity for financial institutions to offer new savings-related products.

Netguru worked with Aegon – a Polish financial institution – and The Heart – a corporate company builder – to deliver an intuitive, user-friendly platform in line with the new government regulations.

For the web development aspect of this project, Netguru’s challenge was to build a platform with many features that is nonetheless easy to navigate. These goals were achieved with Python and React Native technologies to implement interactive web components for smooth, beautiful animations.

Expanding service reach for the world’s first corporate banking platform

Enabling solarisBank, a leading fintech, to scale its web development in line with global ambitions

SolarisBank, a banking platform for startups and corporations, has big ambitions. They’re making waves in the fintech world by empowering organizations to build their own bank using a range of ‘bricks’, or tools, provided by solarisBank.

Netguru helped to deliver scalability in line with the pace of development by providing consultation on expanding API services, assembling a debit card team and mastering remote development.